FR Series (170/240 L) fridges Rural-elecrification-pictogram 

DC Refrigerator/Freezer for off-grid homes, cabins and remote or mobile merchants

  • Does Not Require an Inverter
  • Works with Both 12V and 24V Systems
  • Adjustable Interior Temperature
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    Developed to be energy-efficient and sustainable in the most rural places. The FR Series require very little energy and have a maintenance-free DC compressor.

    Helpful Features

    The lids can be locked to ensure the inside stays closed and as cold as possible. The bottoms have 4 caster gliders to make moving it around easy.

    Built Tough

    Equipped with extra-thick insulations, the FR Series stay cold in hot temperatures. Their low frost system reduces the amount of water condensation and ice.

    Highly Efficient

    An adjustable interior temperature let’s you keep your fridge/freezer as cold as you like. FR Series run directly on a 12V or 24V battery which increases their efficiency.

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