SunCard (10 A) solar charge controller  

Especially designed for small and very cost sensitive solar systems in harsh invironment (IP68)


  • Electronically regulated charging mode: boost, main and float charge
  • PWM series regulation (PV panel is not short-circuited)
  • Fully protected (class IP68)


    Built Tough

    The SunCard is fully encapsulated (class IP68) and has no exposed terminals that could lead to corrosion.


    Color-coded and labeled cable leads make connection easy. Also equipped with reverse-polarity protection and voltage/current overload disconnect.

    LED Indication

    3 LEDs shows systems status: charge status, SOC, LVD, overload/short-circuit.

    Small but Strong

    The SunCard solar charge controller is especially designed for small, very low-cost solar systems requiring LVD.


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