Charge Controllers

  • Charging display with LED
  • Large terminals (up to 16mm2)
  • PWM-regulation
  • Boost & float charging method
  • Solid-state overvoltage protection
  • Reverse polarity protection

Datasheet (PDF 85KB)
CE Certificate (PDF 35KB)

The CM charge controller is especially for use in small solar systems where no load disconnect is required, as in yachts, caravans, etc.

The charging regime provides best battery treatment at reasonable cost. The electronic circuit is equipped with a microcontroller that provides high-efficiency charging technology.

TYPE CM04-2.1 CM10-2.1
Normal Voltage
12V 12V
Boost Voltage 14.5V 14.5V
Max.module current
4A 10A
Dimensions 72.6x61x30.4mm 72.6x61x30.4mm
68g 68g
Max. wire size 16mm2 16mm2
Self consumption <4mA <4mA
Temperature range
-40 to +50°C -40 to +50°C
Type of protection IP22 IP22
Last updated: June 24, 2008