Charge Controllers

The controllers on this page are ideal for systems of up to several hundred W. If your system is around one KW or greater, please see also our System Management charge controllers.


Maximum Power Point Tracker (20 amps)
With innovative maximum-power-tracking technology, Phocos' MPP-Tracker ensures maximum performance from your solar array at all times and in all weather conditions.


Solar Charge Controllers

Dingo 20/20 is quite possibly the most-sophisticated, most-versatile charge controller available for stand-alone power supplies. It is the industry standard, field-proven way to assume complete control of your battery-based system. Dingo's highly-sophisticated, adjustable regulation software is installed in tens of thousands of systems worldwide and charges at five selectable nominal voltages (12, 24, 32, 36 or 48V). Wherever a system demands superior reliability, functionality and flexibility, Dingo 20/20 will be there.


High End Charge Controller Family

This one terrifies the competiton! Ideal for industrial uses and equipped with outstanding and unparalled features like PC interface, built-in 1-year datalogger and system history, and nightlight features for street light applications. German engineering combined with high-quality components make this compact controller able to work in systems of around 1000 Watts!

Also with Negative Grounding for Vehicle Applications!


Solar Charge Controllers

CIS is the first fully encapsulated solar charge controller with infrared programming interface. The result is a versatile controller that is 100% protected against humidity and works reliably under all climate conditions. Furthermore, CIS provides flexible lighting control which is conveniently adjustable via infrared remote.


Solar Charge Controller / Nightlight Controller
The world's most sold solar charge controller. Unmatched in project business, best value for recreational applications, and extremely user-friendly. Also, can come with Nightlight Function for street lighting and billboard applications.


Solar Charge Controller
Due to its user-friendly design and technology, the CA offers optimal battery protection for small- to medium-sized solar home systems. The choice when battery life counts and price matters.


Charge Controller
This convenient and compact controller fits seamlessly into any small- to medium-sized system that doesn't require low-voltage-disconnect (LVD), where the loads or inverter will be connected directly to the battery.