CIS-MPPT (15 A) solar charge controller     

Outstanding system efficiency (max. 98%) thanks to integrated Maximum Power Point Tracker technology (MPPT)



  • Maximizes power output & reduces system costs
  • Timer and dimming for flexible lighting control
  • Data logger via MXI-IR accessory and CISCOM software

    Encapsulated Case

    An IP 68 fully protected case increases the lifespan of the charge controller, which can be installed in harsh environments. The small case size fits also in tricky places.

    Easy Programming

    The CIS-CU remote control accessory allows you to program the solar charge controller via infrared transmission.                                                                              

    Maximum Efficiency

    MPPT technology can yield up to 30% more energy. The 3-stage I-U charging curve helps extend battery life.                                                                                          

    Auto-protect function

    Two voltage disconnects extend system operation time and increase reliability.                        

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