CIS-MPPT (20 A) solar charge controller  SCADA-Pictogram Leisure-pictogram transpot-traffic-pictogram Oil-and-gas-pictogram solar-lighting-pictogram

Charge current limiter allows for oversizing PV power by up to 50% for winter months

  • Smallest size in its power class
  • Timer and dimming functions
  • 2 year datalogging memory
  • Intelligent Design

    Auto-saving functions including two voltage disconnect levels. Equipped with timer and dimming functions for flexible lighting control.

    Highly Efficient

    MPPT technology can yield up to 30% more energy. The 3-stage I-U charging curve helps extend battery life.

    Improve Output

    The CIS-MPPT has up to 98% system efficiency. It also has 2 year datalogging memory using the MXI-IR software.


    Compatible with 60-cell modules and the smallest size controller in its power class make the CIS-MPPT a very versatile solar charge controller.

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