Product Features

  • Infrared-programmable load timing feature with dimming ideal for lighting systems
  • 2 years of system performance data accessible via MXI-IR interface, PC software (CISCOM)
  • Up to 98% power conversion efficiency
  • Up to 4-stage charging increases battery lifespan
  • I/V or I/U curve sweep algorithm increases performance when panels are shaded
  • Fully encapsulated Anodized aluminum housing design prevents damage from corrosion, insects and dust
  • 20 cm connection wire
  • Compatible with 60 cell modules
  • Ingress Protection: IP68

CIS-MPPT Series (15-20 A)

Industrial MPPT Charge Controllers w/ Lighting Control

Off-grid PV systems exposed to extreme weather/environmental conditions impose increased risk of damage to the power electronics. In order to ensure reliable battery protection under such conditions, Phocos developed the CIS-MPPT charge controller family to prevent corrosion.

The CIS-MPPT series include convenient and advanced lighting control, which allows the user to decide whether they want the automatic lighting control with LED dimming to be either time or low-voltage activated.