CIS-N-LED Series (10-20 A) solar charge controllers transpot-traffic-pictogram Oil-and-gas-pictogram solar-lighting-pictogram

Perfect for solar lighting applications such as streetlights and bus shelters

  • True color PWM dimming
  • Input for motion detector (PIR)
  • Fully protected (class IP68)
  • Built Tough

    Developed for rough environments, specifically solar LED lamps and solar LED streetlights. The CIS-N-LED is fully encapsulated (class IP68).


    Extended lifetime

    An on/off timer combined with an adjustable dimming function provides extended operation time and energy savings.


    3 in 1 Solution

    A single, compact solution including charge controller, flexible timer and LED driver. The current required to power the LEDs is directly supplied by the charge controller.


    Our powerful software programming simulation tool (CISCOM) helps design and optimize your system.

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