Phocos DINGO Programmable PWM Solar Charge Controller

Product Features

  • User-programmable charge regime and low-voltage disconnect
  • Powerful event control feature can be programmed for the load port and/or a general purpose, voltage-only port
  • Up to 512 days of datalogging
  • Backlit LCD shows real time and 99 days of historical data
  • Auto generator start feature ideal for backup diesel and fuel cell gensets
  • Terminals can be configured for diversion load controllers for wind/hydro charging inputs
  • Remote monitoring with accessories and modem

Dingo (20 A)

Programmable PWM Solar Charge Controller

Phocos’ DINGO charge controller has a negative ground that makes it a great option to be used in vehicles. Its communication interface uses the MODBUS protocol, which has been tried and tested in harsh environments.

The DINGO’s large memory tracks data such as charging Ah, load Ah, battery voltage range and the daily state of charge for 512 days. The data of the past 99 days can be accessed directly using the built-in LCD display with LED backlighting.

Download PRISM PC Software (17MB ZIP)

DINGO Optional Accessories:
D232: RS232 Interface
DUSB: USB Interface
DNet: Ethernet Adapter
DSA: External Shunt Adapter
DT: Remote Temperature Sensor
DTB: Remote (bolt on) Temperature Sensor (neoprene)
SHUNT: External Current Shunt