Product Features

  • Ideal for almost any off-grid PV application
  • Same model can be used in 12 or 24 V systems (fewer components to stock)
  • Fully potted PCB
  • Rugged housing with corrosion-resistant screw terminals
  • Simple 3-LED system status interface
  • Install only requires a flathead screwdriver
  • UL1741/Class I Div. 2 certified

ECO-N-T Series (10-20 A)

Solar Charge Controller

Phocos’ ECO-N-T is a cost effective solution for many challenging solar applications. Its compact size allows it to fit well in small spaces. The industrial grade ECO-N-T is fully encapsulated, which protects the circuit board from corrosion. This unit also features UL and other certifications, proving it is a robust charge controller that will perform well in a variety of harsh environments.

The ECO-N-T is versatile and offers the flexibility of operating with 12 or 24 V systems. This reliable charge controller is simple to use, as it requires no user programming and has easy to interpret LEDs. The ECO-N-T will protect your batteries from overcharging and over discharging, making for a strong return on investment.

CE Declaration

UL 1741 for units manufactured prior to 2019

UL 1741 for units manufactured after 2019

HazLoc for units manufactured prior to 2019

HazLoc for units manufactured after 2019