ECO-T-MPPT (16 A) solar charge controller               

Precision MPPT charging ensures maximum performance

  • Tree-stage charging algorithm with integrated temperature compensation
  • Maximizes power output & reduce system costs
  • Auto-protect function: voltage disconnect increase reliability


    High Efficiency

    Outstanding system efficiency (max. 98%) thanks to integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking technology (MPPT).


    LED Indication

    Three LEDs help to indicate the charge status, SOC or LVD, overload/short circuit at load.

    High Protection

    The casing of the controller is IP68 protected and the terminals IP21.

    Compatible with 60 cell PV modules

    The ECO-T-MPPT charge controller optimally charges 12 V batteries with one (1) 60 cell module and 24 V batteries with two (2) 60 cell modules series wired.


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