Product Features

  • Works as a fridge or freezer with adjustable thermostat
  • Does not require an inverter
  • Works with both 12 / 24 V systems (auto recognition)
  • High-efficiency cooling
  • Environmentally-friendly refrigerant
  • Hanging basket(s) included for better space utilisation inside

FR Series (100/170/240 L)        

DC Chest Refrigerator/Freezer

The Phocos FR Series provides flexibility to our customers, creating a valuable solution for various applications. In the field, these units can be used with 12 V or 24 V batteries, and can operate as a refrigerator or freezer (by simply adjusting the thermostat). The FR series units contain a maintenance-free brushless DC compressor for direct connection to a battery and do not require an inverter to operate. Energy-efficient features such as extra-thick insulation and a lockable lid make them especially suited for solar-powered applications.

These DC appliances have an easy to clean inner lining. A run-off plug allows easy de-icing for the FR100. The FR170MP and FR240MP models also include space for a battery with their integrated battery compartment.