Mini Pico Lamp (220 lm) pico-pictogram

Compact Power hub and LED flashlight

  • Up to 220 Lumens
  • 2 USB Ports to Charge Electronic Devices like Mobile Phones
  • Touch Switches, No Corrosion
  • MiniPico



    Bright Light all Night

    The Mini Pico has 3 different lighting levels, 60, 120 or 220 lm. At 120 lm, the Mini Pico can run for 12 hrs before recharging.


    Built Tough

    The robust housing is sealed against water and dust. It is also shock resistant and has no moving parts to prevent breakdown & malfunctions.                                                                                    

    2 USB Ports

    The Mini Pico is more than just a light, it’s an energy hub. Keep your mobile devices charged with the 2 USB outputs.


    Compact and Light

    The Mini Pico is the perfect accessory for your next adventure or survival kit. It comes with a small PV panel, car adapter and AC adapter so you are always able to keep it charged.

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