MPPT 100/40 (40 A) solar charge controller Industry-pictogram-01 SCADA-Pictogram Oil-and-gas-pictogram

State-of-the-Art Maximum Power Point Tracking technology maximizes energy conversion from the PV array

  • Optimal charging in ANY condition
  • Less expensive solar panels for grid-feed-in systems can now be used for 12/24 V off-grid systems
  • Modular design allows for expansion

    Fully Protected

    Thermal overload protection and temperature compensation of battery voltage. The MPPT 100/40 is also equipped with a short circuit disconnect function.


    System Protection

    Equipped with auto battery detection (12/24V) and a synchronized charge regime of multiple MPPT 100/40s (w/MCU) ensures proper charge of battery in all conditions.

    Flexible Design

    Use as stand-alone controller or as part of a Modular Power Management system for larger applications. Connect up to 8 MPPT 100/40 controllers to build a 5kW charging system for 12/24V batteries.

    Highest Efficiency

    The MPPT 100/40 charges your battery much faster by taking excess PV voltage and converting it into additional charge current.



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