Pico Lamp Kit (120 lm) pico-pictogram

Portable energy hub designed especially for rural households and adventure enthusiasts

  • 3 Ways to Charge
  • Stationary & Portable
  • 55 Hours of Light




    Keep the Light on

    The Pico Lamp can continue shining for up to 55 hours on one charge. You can choose between 60,100 and 120 lm light levels.                                                                                                                          

    Charge 3 Ways

    The Pico Lamp comes with a small PV panel to charge your lamp with. It also comes with both a car adapter and an AC adapter so your Pico can always have power.                                                                

    Power Your Devices

    A USB allows you to keep your mobile devices charged. If the power does out, you’ll still be able to keep your phone charged.                                                                                        

    Stationary & Portable

    The Pico Lamp does both. In rural homes, it may be better to hang the Pico to light an entire room. There is a remote switch you can use to turn the light on/off without moving the Pico.


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