Phocos Americas Off-Grid Solutions

Phocos Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter Charger Series


Your Off-Grid Partner

Twenty years ago, our passion for off-grid solutions was our foundation.

Today we are expanding on our innovation and success to also service any grid.

From off-grid to any grid, we strive to make reliable energy access possible anywhere in the world, anytime, and for any-grid.

Rely on Phocos


Leading in advanced technologies for clean, reliable and affordable energy.


Setting industry standards in first-class quality and superior reliability.

Cost Effective

Optimizing features-to-cost ratio to minimize total cost of ownership.


The large range of power products provides flexibility to build an optimal Off-Grid, On-Grid or Any-Grid installation.



Reliable industrial power for remote monitoring, oil & gas, traffic signals, security and telecom towers.


Supporting clean, sustainable living on the road, on the water or off the beaten path.

Solar Lighting

Rugged, efficient and dependable solutions with advanced lighting controls.

Rural Electrification

High-quality energy solutions for locations and populations without access to reliable grid power.

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