Ease of Use Drives Demand for Turnkey Systems

Phocos P-Box pre-assembled power cabinet

P-Box AC Series is a pre-assembled, all-in-one power cabinet for off-grid solar power systems.

E-Box DC Series pre-assembled, all-in-one power cabinet

E-Box DC Series is a pre-assembled, all-in-one power cabinet with space inside the enclosure for batteries for off-grid solar power systems.

STL Solar Streetlight

STL is a solar streetlight with built-in charge controller, timer and LED driver for autonomous roadway, pathway and outdoor lighting.

FR Series DC Refrigerator/Freezer

FR Series DC Refrigerator/Freezer for off-grid homes, cabins food trucks and remote stores.

April 2018
Phocos Americas

Customers expect convenience, ease of use and reliability at an affordable price from their electronics and appliances. These expectations also extend to the technology upstream of their electronics. While energy efficiency and load reduction are still high priority in new technologies for the off-grid market, convenience and ease of use are equally important.

Phocos has applied our expertise in optimizing component performance to deliver turnkey systems for off-grid residential and industrial applications. Our objectives for these plug and play systems are the same as our components: reliable, cost effective, and easy to use.

Today, our turnkey systems are focused in three areas: power cabinets, solar light and energy systems and DC appliances.

Pre-Assembled Power Cabinets
In 2016, we introduced our pre-assembled power cabinets, the P-Box and E-Box, that are designed to remove all the guesswork from sizing, capacity and compatibility of all components and wiring. Only PV modules and batteries are needed. The control unit, solar charge controller, inverters, wires, fuses, connections, circuit breakers and enclosure are pre-configured for optimal operation, low maintenance and long life.

Standard AC or DC models supply power ranging from 300W to 10.5KW. P-Box AC Series is suited for retrofit installations for rural electrification, off-grid homes, telecommunications towers, oil and gas sites and mobile traffic signals, where the battery storage enclosure does not need replacement. The E-Box AC Series is pre-configured the same as the P-Box AC Series but includes space for batteries inside the enclosure for a clean, one-box installation. The E-Box DC Series operates wireless repeater stations and nodes, sensing and monitoring instruments and charges batteries at remote sites. There is space for batteries inside the enclosure for various configurations of Group 31 or 8D batteries.

Solar Light and Energy Systems
A flashlight is listed as a requirement for any basic emergency preparedness kit, but if you need to live off-grid for days, a flashlight may not be sufficient to keep you and your family functioning at minimum levels. From fires to hurricanes, 2017 showed us how important it is to be ready for emergencies.

Our family of handheld lights includes our Mini Pico Lamp which provides long-lasting area lighting for tasks and mobile device charging during extended power outages.

For industrial solar lighting applications, we released our STL Streetlight Luminaire in 2017. The STL has a built-in charge controller, timer and LED driver. A battery bank, PV modules and mounting pole are needed to complete the installation for autonomous roadway, pathway, and outdoor area lighting.

DC Appliances
Our FR Series Refrigerator/ Freezer is a battery-powered chest refrigerator that does not require an inverter to operate. The FR Series is ideal for off-grid homes and cabins, food trucks and rural stores. It runs directly on a 12V or 24V battery which increases its efficiency.

Looking Ahead
Phocos plans to expand our components and systems to bring clean, reliable and affordable energy to the developing world and to autonomous power applications. For both component and systems, we’re committed to quality, optimal performance and minimal maintenance.