Phocos Welcomes Alessio Alario as Product Manager – Global

February 11, 2019

The Phocos Group is pleased to share the news that Alessio Alario has recently joined the Phocos team in the role of Product Manager – Global. Alessio has 10 years of experience in off-grid PV electronics and has spent half of that time specifically focused on off-grid product management. He comes to Phocos with a unique point of view for product management, having held past positions in PV sales, purchasing, technical support, training and R&D. Alessio has a deep understanding of all aspects of PV systems including system design and installation combined with expertise in emerging energy storage technologies. This unique knowledge and perspective make him a leader that will continue to focus existing and future products to fit our customer’s needs.

Phocos Management is confident Alessio’s vision, industry insights, attention to detail and his personal passion are important additions to the Phocos Group. He has already made a positive impact by creating momentum that promotes efficiency and customer focus in a new way.