New Product: E-Box All-in-One Power Cabinet with Battery Space in the Enclosure

E-Box Power Cabinet

EBox DC Model all-in-one power cabinet with space for batteries. Wall mount models accommodate 1-6 Group 31 batteries or 2 Group 8D batteries. Chest models accommodate 4-8 Group 8D batteries.

June 30, 2017 — Phocos introduces the E-Box, an all-in-one power cabinet that supplies AC or DC power from a PV array. E-Box is pre-assembled with all components and has space for batteries inside the enclosure for a clean, one-box installation. Only PV modules and batteries are needed to complete a solar power system.

Plug and Play Power Cabinet
Application engineers and installers do not need solar power system expertise to install a solar power cabinet with the right components. They just need the E-Box.

Sizing and capacity of the control unit, solar charge controllers, inverters, wires, fuses, connections, circuit breakers and enclosure with space for batteries are pre-configured for easy installation and optimal operation.

The E-Box Series is offered in 11 DC models and six AC models.

Smart Choice for Remote Sites
The E-Box DC models are a smart choice for off-grid or back-up power to remote site systems including SCADA, traffic signals, telecom towers, street lights and other DC applications.

Remote site operators can use E-Box to run wireless repeater stations and nodes, sensing and monitoring instruments and charge batteries for off-grid solar power or for back-up solar power to grid power applications.

Up to 10.5kW for AC Loads
E-Box AC models supply AC power from 700W to 10.kW of continuous output power for home, business and industrial applications. Single-phase and three-phase power options are available based on the AC load and resistive load requirements.

Data Integration
All E-Box models offer metering options so data from the E-Box can be integrated into a solar power health monitoring and management system.

Phocos Quality
Like Phocos’ other off-grid systems, the E-Box uses high-quality components to ensure optimal performance and minimal maintenance. The design is clean making it easy to service.

For application engineers who are not solar power experts, E-Box simplifies purchase decisions with only PV modules and batteries needed. Installation is easy with system components and batteries housed in one enclosure  for a clean, single box installation

E-Box Alternative
When battery storage outside of the cabinet is needed, choose the P-Box. The E-Box and P-Box are both part of all-in-one power cabinets product family. The P-Box is pre-configured with the same system components as the E-Box, but batteries are installed outside the enclosure. This is ideal for retrofit installations where the battery storage enclosure does not need replacement.

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