Industrial solar charge controller with boost converting MPPT

CIS-MPPT-BST industrial solar charge controller with boost converting MPPT

  • Boost MPPT configuration charges 24/36/48V batteries with a 12 or 24V PV array
  • High power output with up to 98% power conversion efficiency
  • Advanced controls with timer, dimming and datalogging functions
  • Fully potted, IP68 rated housing protects against vibration, dust, insects and water ingress
  • CIS-MPPT-BST will be released soon: Contact us for the product release schedule or to pre-order.
  • System Monitoring

    Monitor system performance with integrated datalogging storing 2 years of data.

    Remote Access

    Adjust the battery charge regime and low voltage disconnect settings and access system data using MXI-IR USB adaptor and CISCOM software accessories.

    Lighting Controls

    Widely adjustable timer and dimming can be set remotely using CIS-CU IR remote control unit.


    Built for the harshest industrial environments with fully encapsulated IP68 housing with a compact footprint for tight spaces.