Product Features

  • Three functions in one: charge controller + light timer + LED driver
  • Works in 12 or 24 V systems
  • Up to 30% additional power yield compared to conventional PWM controllers
  • IP68 ingress protection
  • Input for motion detector (PIR)
  • Infrared-programmable load timing feature with dimming, which is ideal for lighting systems
  • 2 year datalogging memory
  • Compatible with 60 cell PV modules


Industrial MPPT Solar Charge Controller w/ LED Driver

The CIS-MPPT-LED is a multi-functional solar charge controller with built-in LED boost driver for solar outdoor lighting systems. Equipped with a widely-adjustable automatic light timer that uses solar input voltage to determine day and night, the CIS-MPPT-LED adjusts to seasonal changes. In addition, the built-in LED driver features timed and low-voltage dimming of LED strings.

Like all CIS family products, CIS-MPPT-LED has been designed for the harshest industrial environments and features a rugged, fully potted (IP68) enclosure that prevents damage from dust, insect and water ingress. The infrared communication feature allows for full-control of light timer settings and LVD customization via remote control accessory (CIS-CU) and full adjustment of the battery charge regime and access to 2 years of system data via USB adaptor (MXI-IR) and our free PC software (CISCOM).

Coming soon!

CISCOM Software Download (6.7 MB zip file)

CISCOM Software User Manual

CIS-CU: Infrared remote control

MXI-IR: Infrared to USB programming accessory and interface to CISCOM software. Contact us for more information.