CIS-MPPT-LED-HC (15 A) Series

Industrial MPPT solar charge controller with LED driver

  • 3-in-1 solution with MPPT charge controller + light timer + LED boost driver
  • Timer, dimming and passive infrared (PIR) input for motion sensors
  • 2-year datalogging memory
  • Fully potted, IP68-rated enclosure for harsh outdoor environments
  • 15A and 20A models: CIS-MPPT-85/15 (15 A) and CIS-MPPT-85/20 (20 A)

    Remote Access

    Adjust the battery charge regime and access system data using MXI-IR USB adaptor and CISCOM software accessories.

    High Power Output

    MPPT technology can boost power output from PV modules up to 30%. The 3-stage I-U charging curve helps extend battery life.

    Lighting Controls

    Advanced lighting controls with timer, dimming, nightlight and PIR input for motion sensor that can be set remotely using CIS-CU IR remote control unit.


    Works in 12 or 24V systems and is compatible with 60-cell PV modules.