Product Features

  • Combines 3 functions in one: charge controller + flexible timer + LED driver
  • Developed especially for rough environments, solar LED lamps, and solar LED streetlights
  • Flexible dimming functions
  • Input for motion detector (PIR)
  • Small size: fits everywhere
  • LiFePO4 available through CISCOM software
  • True color PWM dimming
  • Fully protected by the encapsulated case, which increases lifetime and reliability and reduces costs
  • Auto-protection function: two low-voltage disconnects extend system operation time and reliability
  • Infrared-programmable load timing feature + dimming is ideal for lighting systems
  • IP68 Ingress Protection

CIS-N-LED (10-20 A)

Solar Charge Controller w/ Integrated LED Driver

The CIS-N-LED is a 3-in-1 solution that increases lifetime, reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness. It is the perfect charge controller for solar lighting applications such as streetlights or bus shelters, and its motion sensor interface capabilities regulate LED brightness to conserve energy.

To further conserve energy and extend the system’s lifetime, the CIS-N-LED has two low voltage disconnect levels. The levels can be programmed using one of Phocos’ handheld remote control accessories; the CIS-CU or the MXI-IR and our free CISCOM PC software.