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Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverters

GP-ISW Series Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverters produce
more power in a lighter weight unit.

  • Light weight and low profile for mobile applications and tight spaces
  • Flexible for applications requiring less weight
  • Remote switching range using GP-SWR-A Inverter Remote
  • UL458 certified

  • Wider Input Ranges

    12V models range from 10.5-16.5 VDC. 24V models range from 21-33 VDC.

    Up to 3kW Output Power

    GP-ISW models range from 400W to 3kW of continuous output power.

    Higher Surge Power

    Surge power for 1 second is up to 200% of continuous output power, depending on the model.

    Light Weight

    Lighter weights are critical in installations such as telecom towers where wind resistance specifications require less weight.