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LS Series Solar Home Kit Product FAQs
What are the key differences between the LS4000 and LS7000 kits?
The battery pack capacity and accessories are what separate the LS4000 from the LS7000. Both have lithium ion batteries which are rated for 1500-2000 full cycles. The LS4000 battery is rated at 4 amp-hours (Ah), or 51 Watt-hours (Wh), while the LS7000 is rated for 7Ah, or 89Wh. The LS7000 battery pack is approximately 2.5” taller in height. The LS Kit 7000 also comes with more accessories such as a 0.25W mini SFL LED lamp, 3W TL LED tube lamp, a second 10W solar panel, an additional 3W SFL LED lamp, panel mounting hardware, 3-1 panel combiner/distributor, tube lamp extension wire, cigarette lighter socket, and a 1-2 USB splitter.
When should the clock displaying load run time be on?
When most loads/lights are attached to the kit and turned on, a count-down clock will appear on the LCD display showing the remaining time (measured in hours) that the battery can supply power to the load. This is the only time it should appear, and only 3 dashes should be displayed when there is no powered-on load. Very low power loads such as the 0.25W USB light do not draw enough power to trigger the clock.
Why does the clock display an inaccurate value when I have a small load connected to the LS Kit and it's powered on?
This is due to the current draw of the load being so small (less than or equal to 3W) that the controller electronics cannot accurately calculate the time remaining in the battery. Time readings on the display may fluctuate over a given period. A much more accurate reading is possible with a larger load or multiple lights connected to the battery pack.
Can I connect a charging source other than a small solar panel to my battery pack when there are poor irradiance conditions?
Some laptop chargers can be used rather than a solar panel. The chargers must have a 5.5/2.5 mm barrel connector. They should provide between 18 and 20 VDC, up to 2 ADC, and up to 40W. A higher power input could damage the electronics over time. If you would like to use a laptop charger with other specifications, please contact Phocos North America Technical Support at
Can I put the battery pack back into sleep mode for shipping?
The battery pack cannot return to sleep mode except at the factory. Opening the LS kit battery pack will void the warranty of the unit. Do not turn the battery pack on before shipping it.
Are the LED lamps that come with the kit water resistant or capable of being used outdoors?
The SFL LED lamps are IP 50 rated, meaning that they are protected from some ingress of dust, but not protected against ingress of water. It is recommended that the kits are used indoors only.