Product Features

  • Thermal overload protection and temperature compensation
  • Equipped with a short circuit disconnect function
  • Works in 12 or 24 V systems
  • Use as a stand alone 40 A controller or part of modular system (MCU required)
  • Faster recharging by converting excess PV voltage to charge current
  • Highest charging efficiency in low irradiation conditions

MPPT 100/40 (40 A) 

MPPT Charge Controller

With innovative maximum power point tracking technology, Phocos’ MPPT 100/40 ensures optimal performance from the solar array at all times and in all weather conditions. Innovative MPPT charging can yield an energy gain from your PV array of up to 30%.

The temperature-compensated three-stage I/V curve charge algorithm significantly extends the lifespan of the battery.

Power+™ current limiting allows for over-sizing PV power by up to 50% for winter months.