P-BOX & E-BOX (300 W-10.5 kW)  Rural-elecrification-pictogram Industry-pictogram-01 Oil-and-gas-pictogram SCADA-Pictogram transpot-traffic-pictogram

Pre-Assembled Off-Grid Power Cabinets

Left: P-Box AC models do not include space for batteries making them ideal for retrofits where battery storage does not need replacement. Right: E-Box AC models include space for batteries inside the enclosure for a clean, one-box installation. (E-Box DC model not shown).

  • All-in-one power cabinet for off-grid solar power systems is pre-assembled with a central control unit, solar charge controller, solar power inverter, wires, fuses, connections, circuit breakers and enclosure.
  • Just add PV and batteries for simple installation. New E-Box models include pre-designed battery space inside the enclosure for a clean, single box installation.
  • Easy to install with professional design and preconfiguration to remove all the guesswork on sizing, capacity and compatibility of all components and wiring.
  • Pre-engineered for application engineers and installers without solar power system expertise to select and install optimally sized and compatible. components
  • P-Box AC models offer 700W to 10.5kW continuous power, 12/24V, 24V or 48V systems, 1 phase or 3 phase power options, Phocos MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Phocos/Go Power! Pure Sine Wave Inverters, remote metering options, standard 120VAC and optional 230VAC.
  • E-Box AC models add space for batteries in the enclosure.
  • E-Box DC models offer 10A to 80A maximum load current, 12/24V or 48V systems, Phocos PWM or MPPT Solar Charge Controllers and remote metering options and include space for batteries in the enclosure.
  • Available in Americas only – the P-Box and E-Box are available in North America, Center Americas and South America. Contact us for status of availability outside the Americas.
  • Off-Grid Living

    Quick and easy AC power for kitchen appliances, lights, TVs, laptops and mobile phones.

    Remote Sites

    Operate wireless repeater stations and nodes, sensing and monitoring instruments and charge batteries at remote sites.

    System Monitoring

    Integrate data from the P-Box into a solar power health monitoring and management system..

    Backup to Grid Power

    P-Box with optional AC Power Supply can be used in grid-tie applications. During outages, the PV array can charge the batteries to provide a continuous supply of energy.