Solar Home System Kit

Product Features

  • Compact, portable, lightweight
  • Charges 12.8 V battery (included)
  • LFP battery offers long cycle life, is safe and energy dense
  • USB output to charge mobile devices
  • MPPT technology (automatically maximizes power output)
  • Battery status through LEDs (simple indicator lights)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Efficient DC LED lighting
  • Regulates current and voltage for longer battery life
  • Low-voltage disconnect features (LVD)
  • Overcharge and discharge protection
  • Load short circuit/ overload protection
  • Quiet, reliable DC power

Accessories Included in Kits

  • Solar panel (1 pc) (5W,10W or 20W)
  • Charge controller/LFP (LiFePO4) battery (1 pc)
  • DC LED lamps (3 pcs) (1W, 2W or 3W)
  • Panel cable (1 pc)
  • E-27 lamp holder assembly with switch (3 pcs)
  • Mobile charging adapter (1 pc)

SHS Kits  

Solar Home System*

Phocos proudly offers solar home system (SHS) kits to bring compact, autonomous power to remote locations. SHS kits are designed for easy operation and selection, with three different kit wattage options available to meet various energy and budget requirements. Each kit converts the sun’s energy into electricity, to power various DC electrical appliances (from lights to fans to mobile phone chargers). Phocos developed these SHS kits to offer an economical solution that provides reliable, safe, quiet, and maintenance-free off-grid power.

The eco-friendly SHS kit series has technology that increases each kit’s charging efficiency for optimum performance. Using energy dense Lithium technology (safest chemistry LFP), combined with energy efficient DC LED lighting, Phocos has created an innovative packaged solution to perform at the highest standards. The SHS series kits also include features like LED indicators, battery status information and protection functions to help maximize the life of the equipment.

*Not available for sale in Europe