Product Features

  • High-efficiency LED luminaire
  • Robust aluminum housing doubles as heatsink
  • Integrated Phocos high performance, high efficiency CIS charge controller with integrated LED driver, in MPPT or PWM technology
  • Input for connection to passive infrared motion sensor
  • LED lifetime >50,000 h
  • Integrated lens for optimal light pattern
  • Programmable settings with dimming options

SLS-HP Series (90-120 W)   

Streetlight Luminaire w/ Charge Controller & LED Driver

The street light system (SLS series) outdoor lighting luminaires are the ideal, cost-effective choice for autonomous roadway, pathway and area lighting applications. The high-luminosity LED design features an extremely long life (>50,000 h) and high-quality optics. This off-grid lighting solution avoids costly trenching for grid power access, offering simplicity and cost savings. The high transparency glass-cover provides an optimized light pattern for roadways.

All SLS series luminaires feature a built-in Phocos solar charge controller and LED driver, which makes installation hassle-free. Just add an appropriately sized battery bank, solar panel/array and mounting pole and the SLS series easily integrates as an autonomous solar outdoor lighting system.