Phocos SPS Series Indutrial Telecom Charge Controllers

Product Features

  • Ideal for large telecom sites up to 21 kWp
  • All control levels are fully adjustable and can be changed via serial interface
  • Bank switching design creates ultra-low EMI emissions
  • Two-stage boost/float charging with low heat generation
  • Setup data stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory
  • Available in common positive and negative versions
  • Available in cabinet or rack mount configurations
  • Customizable to site requirements
  • Interface for additional alarms and generator control
  • Configurable for remote monitoring

SPS Series (100-300A)

Industrial Telecom Charge Controllers

The SPS series solar charge controllers are advanced electronic systems for solar powered applications in remote locations, such as telecommunication sites. They prevent overcharging, reduce water loss in the battery electrolyte and prevent deep discharge. These features extend battery life considerably.

The SPS system’s simple modular construction enables optimal performance while also providing more features than any other controller in its class. Additionally, slow-switching regulation minimizes EMI emissions, making the SPS system ideal for telecom applications.