Phocos Welcomes Dean Middleton as COO – Phocos Global

June 16, 2017 — Phocos is pleased to announce that Dean Middeton is COO – Phocos Global. Dean is a well-known and respected industry professional who will lead sales and marketing globally for the company. He will apply his 25+ years of experience in the design, supply and installation of photovoltaic systems to further develop our global distribution channels and strategic partnerships.

Dean began his solar career in 1990 working in the residential solar thermal industry at Sage Advance Corporation. He entered the photovoltaic industry in 1994 as a technical sales manager at Sunelco and managed sales of photovoltaic systems as international sales manager for Applied Power starting in 1996.

At SunWize Technologies, he managed export sales where he led the company’s wholesale export of photovoltaic systems throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and provided sales and technical support to local solar dealers and government agencies. Prior to joining Phocos, Dean held senior sales roles for seven years at Trojan Battery where he was responsible for managing key sales initiatives for renewable energy markets globally through its network of distributors and direct accounts.