Guides & Technical Bulletins

Using CISCOM to Read and Save CIS-MPPT Data
A step by step guide to help you use CISCOM to read and Save CIS-MPPT data.
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Motion Sensing with Phocos CIS Family Charge Controllers and LED Drivers
Adding motion sensing to a standalone LED lighting system saves energy by utilizing the dimming function of the CIS-N/CIS-MPPT series charge controllers by providing additional light when motion is detected and saving energy when the light is less needed. This practice has the effect of extending battery life and increasing system efficiency which may allow the reduction of PV array and battery bank sizes, thereby lowering upfront installation costs.
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5 Steps to Size Controllers for Low PV Panel Temperatures
Winter brings a surge in technical support calls related to damaged controllers due to low temperature effects on PV panels. This bulletin covers five steps to size controllers for low PV panel temperatures and important tips for sizing PWM and MPPT solar charge controllers.
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Bad Battery Shutdown Prevents Damage
Bad batteries or missing batteries can cause damage to solar charge controllers. Phocos’ Bad Battery Shutdown feature automatically adjusts to bad battery conditions, preventing damage to the controller and connected loads until stable battery health is restored.
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4 Installation Tips for CIS-N-LED Charge Controllers
Here are four tips to make sure your CIS-N-LED is installed properly for trouble-free operations in solar lighting applications for streets, pathways, parking lots and bus shelters.
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Replacing Discontinued ProStar PS-15M-48V
Morningstar recently announced the discontinuation of its ProStar PS-15M-48V solar charge controller. Phocos’ Dingo D2020N solar charge controller is an excellent drop-in replacement for the PS-15M-48V.
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Can’t decide between a PWM or MPPT charge controller? Whether you’re just getting started in off-grid or you’re an experienced installer this guide will help you determine the best type of controller for your next solar project.
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Phocos POWER+
Phocos’ Power+ technology is a feature in Phocos’ Maximum Power Point Tracking controllers that allows you to oversize your PV array by 50% in order to maximize you power production in colder, less sunny winter months without risking damage of your controller during hotter, sunnier summer months.
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