Phocos Launches Innovative Solar Home System Kits for Rural Electrification

Solar Home System Kit

SHS kits are a plug-and-play power system with LED lighting, lithium storage and USB charging.


These plug and play SHS kits are ideal for rural electrification in developing countries.


Run times range from 5 hours using 3 lamps to 15 hours using 1 lamp. Note: Estimated LED run times are based on fully charged battery conditions and do not account for device charging.

July 2018
Phocos Americas

Phocos launched our new Solar Home System (SHS) kits at Intersolar Europe. These plug-and-play kits are convenient, reliable, cost effective and safe. As small as a briefcase and weighing less than 10 lbs., these compact and portable kits are ideal for rural electrification applications in developing countries.

Plug and Play
These turnkey kits contain everything needed for lighting and mobile device charging: solar panel, lithium battery, MPPT charge controller, three LED lamps, USB charging port and all switches and cables to operate. The system is pre-engineered by our experts for ease of use and optimal performance.

Compact and Portable
The components included in the SHS Series kits have been carefully selected to be compact, lightweight and portable. For example, the lithium battery technology is a fraction of the size and weight of a traditional lead acid battery.

Phocos has capitalized on LED lighting technology which offers a new level of efficiency in lighting performance. This efficiency allows for a smaller solar panel due to lower power demands. The three LED lamps included in each kit produce more lumens per watt then many alternative options.

Reliable and Cost Effective
Phocos has applied our decades of experience to optimize component performance while keeping the kits affordable. From the long-lasting LED lamps and lithium battery to our reliable MPPT charge controller, the kits are designed to provide lighting and energy for years to come. Long life and quality components reduce the total cost of ownership.

Phocos offers flexibility with three turnkey options to fit different consumer budgets and power needs.

The lithium iron phosphate batteries are safer than many other battery technologies commonly available. Using modern technologies and renewable energy is less dangerous than other traditional rural light source options.

SHS Series Replaces the LS Series Solar Home Systems
The new SHS kits are available in three models:

– SHS-5W includes three 1W lamps, 20Wh battery capacity and a 5W solar panel
– SHS-10W includes three 2W lamps, 40Wh battery capacity and a 10W solar panel
– SHS-20W includes three 3W lamps, 75Wh battery capacity and a 20W solar panel

All models include three LED lamps, portable solar panel, integrated Li-ion battery and MPPT charge controller unit, USB charging port, cables and switches that are sized for optimal performance.

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