Project Name: Chicken Farming with Renewable Energy

Company: Chicken Farming Business
Installed by Sunchoice Energy
Powered by Samansco
Location: Mahusekwa Township, Zimbabwe
Project Date: February, 2021
Main Contact: Milton Chitombo, Technical Director
Application: Agricultural:  Chicken Farm/Crops
Customer Type: Agriculture/Commercial
Phocos Product: Any-Grid PSW-H Hybrid Inverter
Quantity: 1 Unit (Phase I)/Phase II-1 unit (future)
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Project Description/ Key Details

  • The business owner wanted to start a new chicken farm, and needed reliable, affordable access to power.  This access would offer lights for the chicken farm/added security and heating lights for the baby chickens.
  • Reliable water access at a reasonable price, was also required for the farm and crops.  The cost to get access to reliable water was too expensive.  A generator was being used for the borehole, but fuel is expensive, and the generator requires maintenance, so the goal was to find an alternative that made sense economically.
  • Originally coal was the primary consideration for power.  Sunchoice Energy helped inform the customer this energy source is not ideal for sustainability, ongoing product and transportation costs, bandwidth/expense to continually get access to coal resources as well as monitor and control the heat for the chickens.  Solar was introduced.
  • Starting with an investment of 500 chickens, the health of the chickens was a concern with coal.
  • Goal to optimize productivity, investment, and resources to build a strong, successful business.  Needed a quick ROI.

Solution/ Results

  • The strategic new business model with renewable energy (instead of coal) and the Phocos PSW-H Hybrid Inverter, provides the opportunity to increase value addition in all sectors of this business.  This business owner will take the savings from phase I, and eventually double the photovoltaic system size. They will also grow the feed (corn and other crops) for the chickens, eliminating further 3rd party expenses.  This thoughtful planning with solar energy production is creating a more sustainable business in all aspects and has simplified the day-to-day business.
  • Major reduction in pollution, from installing solar vs. using coal.
  • Chicken farming with renewable energy, produces healthy chickens, offering more reliable revenue and growth.
  • The solar installer utilizes the SUB (Solar Utility Battery) priority on the Phocos Hybrid Inverter, to prioritize targeted equipment loads.  This design maximizes solar generation in the daylight hours, allowing this customer to start with a smaller lithium battery bank (Phase I).  This made the initial investment cost for clean, renewable energy attainable.
  • With this new solar Off-Grid solution, the borehole is providing clean water and cheaper access.  The booster pump operates during peak production hours, to store water in the tank.  At night, gravity helps when needed for delivery.
  • Phase II will incorporate more solar to power refrigeration for meat storage to further support this growing business.

“The Phocos Any Grid Hybrid Inverter is the best choice for farming and agriculture because it produces clean energy which is safe for the animals, crops and the environment. It is a reliable and efficient inverter providing farmers with stable and sustainable energy.”

— Mr. Milton Chitombo, Technical Director

$5,120  Saving/year

In coal purchases and transportation costs

1.25 Year ROI

1 year, 3 month payback with calculated savings in Phase I

2.25 Tons per year

of coal avoided

Featured Product:

PSW-H-5K-230 - Hybrid Inverter


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