junio 11, 2020

FR-MP Series (170/240 L)

DC Chest Refrigerator/Freezer The Phocos FR-MP Series provides flexibility to our customers, creating a valuable solution for various applications.  In the field, these units can be used with 12 V or 24 V batteries, and can operate as a refrigerator or freezer (by simply adjusting the thermostat). The FR-MP series

mayo 20, 2020

Any-Grid Battery Inverter Charger PSW-B
(1.5kW/3kW PV, 3kW/5kW AC)

Any-GridTM Battery Inverter Charger The Phocos Any-Grid PSW-B Series (Pure Sine Wave Battery Inverter Charger) is part of Phocos’ most versatile line of inverters/chargers. Flexibility and reliability are key characteristics of this product line, with a strong potential for cost saving opportunities in real world conditions. The PSW-B converts DC

mayo 9, 2020

P-Box & E-Box AC Series

Pre-Assembled Off-Grid Power Cabinets* P-Box and E-Box AC series are all-in-one power cabinets that supply AC power from a PV array. This professionally designed, pre-assembled cabinet simplifies purchase decisions and installation (only PV modules and batteries are needed). Sizing and capacity of the control unit, solar charge controllers, inverters, wires,

febrero 15, 2020

ECO Pico

Portable Solar Lamp and Turnkey System The ECO Pico has the power capacity of a solar home system and the flexibility of a portable LED torch flashlight. It uses highly efficient LiFePO4 batteries that are particularly long-lasting, allowing the system to provide up to 10 years of maintenance-free operation. The

febrero 15, 2020

Inversor híbrido Any-Grid
PSW-H (3 kW/5 kW)

Cargador inversor híbrido Any-Grid™ El cargador inversor híbrido de la serie PSW-H Any-Grid (Híbrido de onda sinusoidal pura) representa la línea de inversores / cargadores más versátil de Phocos. La flexibilidad y confiabilidad son características clave de este producto permitiendo un ahorro de costos en condiciones reales. El PSW-H convierte

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