Project Name: Residential Application – Sunny Vale Estate in Abuja, Nigeria

Company: eWorks Projects
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Project Date: November 1, 2021
Main Contact: Stanley Vandu
Application: Residential
Customer Type: Installer
Phocos Product: Any-Grid PSW-H Hybrid Inverter
Quantity: 2 Units (2-part installation)
eWorks Projects

Conditions/ Challenges Before Installation

This homeowner lived with access to utility power, but unfortunately the utility could not supply consistent, reliable power, creating challenges for day to day living.  On average the utility would cut their power 4-6 hours a day, and sometimes even longer.  When the utility power was down, this would impact a number of things like defrosting of the refrigerator and freezer creating food storage challenges, children studying, and family time to relax with entertainment like watching television.  When required, the customer ran a diesel generator which is costly, noisy and creates significant, unwanted fumes.  This family wanted to leave frustration behind.

Solution/ Results After Installation

This homeowner requested a 24/7 power solution, to eliminate dependence on the current utility grid as much as possible.  eWorks Projects created the design and installed the system that would meet the customer’s goals with a solar solution that included the Phocos Any-Grid PSW-H, 5kW model.

The installation team defined the PSW-H priority selection was an important part of this installation.  The AC output source priority was set to ‘SBU priority’, ensuring the loads are powered first from the solar array, then battery storage, with utility power coming on only if the battery reaches a defined low-level.  While this is a newer installation, the need for utility power has not yet occurred so loads have been powered from solar and battery only so far, making a significant difference with an obvious reduction of the electric utility bill.  Beyond the significant savings, the overall impact of this installation has created an ease and comfort for this family.

The initial project was such a success, the customer requested their installation double in size (phase II), moving to 10kW with 2 Phocos Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter Chargers. This improvement, coupled with the existing 19.2kWh of Lithium-ion storage, has created the energy independence this Nigerian family desired.

“Overall, the client is extremely happy with the solar installation, and they are also happy with the Phocos Any-Grid Hybrid Inverters.” 

–Stanley Vandu, MD/CEO

Return on Investment = 7 years

Customer Goal = 100% savings on electric grid bills (solar array and lithium battery storage sized accordingly)

Featured Product:

Phocos PSW-H-5K230


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