Residential Rental & Small Poultry Business Project – Zimbabwe

This Zimbabwe family was faced with a few challenges due to constant utility downtime.  Primarily, they wanted reliable power to help maintain freshness for their poultry business, and they had a goal for their kids to improve in school.  This means more study time with reliable, safe lighting and...

Off-Grid Tiny Home Solar Install – Northern California, USA

This customer wanted to live as sustainably as possible utilizing renewable energy for their tiny home and farm. When first moving into the tiny home, no utility hook up was available, so they were living Off-Grid without any access to power. After 18 months with the Any-Grid PSW-H Hybrid Inverter...

Residential Application – Sunny Vale Estate in Abuja, Nigeria

This homeowner lived with access to utility power, but unfortunately the utility could not supply consistent, reliable power, creating challenges for day to day living.  On average the utility would cut their power 4-6 hours a day, and sometimes even longer. This family wanted to leave frustration...

Turnkey Tourist Smart Building Rest Stop – China

High traffic tourist locations required a more environmentally friendly and modern option for restrooms services and more.  This government project was led by the Urban Management Bureau.  The Deputy General Manager leading this project, from Sichuan LVFA Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.,...

Corn Farming Business - South Africa

Corn Farming Business – South Africa

This farm owner purchased neighboring land to his existing farm to increase production yield.  So, new irrigation was required for these 96 hectares of land.  Initially, the farm owner contacted the municipal energy supplier to determine the cost and feasibility of a utility grid connection for the...

Off-Grid Houseboat Recreation - Zimbabwe

Off-Grid Houseboat Recreation – Zimbabwe

The customer had an existing inverter system that didn’t have the capacity or the features required to meet the houseboat owner’s goals. SunChoice Energy upgraded the entire existing system to be a better fit for the application and goals.

Mutoko Centre Offices– Zimbabwe

Mutoko Centre Christian Aid Offices – Zimbabwe

This non-profit office needed cost effective power. Utility bills were getting expensive so they wanted an alternative. Stable power was a major requirement, to help this local team operate with the best efficiency possible to achieve their company goals and to work together with local and global...

Solar panels on a South African residence

South Africa Residence

South Africa has a very unreliable utility grid which often results in extended periods with no power supply. Before the power system was installed, this homeowner often experienced 4+ hours per day with no electricity. With the Any-Grid PSW-H they have not needed any utility power and the customer is...

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