Project Name: Street Vendor Boosts Business with DC Refrigeration –Abuja, Nigeria

Company: eWorks Projects Company Limited
VAYA Energy Solutions Limited
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Project Date: October 2021
Main Contact: Stanley Vandu
Application: Commercial
Customer Type: Installer
Phocos Product: FR-B Series DC Chest Refrigerator/Freezer
Quantity: 1 Unit

Conditions/ Challenges Before Installation

Mrs. Ugbor is a street vendor (aka petty vendor) with a small kiosk selling basic items to her local community for profit like biscuits, sweets, beverages, etc.  The community she is selling to is largely without power.  So, without refrigeration her business was taking care of her needs, but the opportunity to add an option to refrigerate food and drinks could majorly impact her success and earning potential.  Buying ice to support her business was a daily cost and frustration to obtain (60 min taxi ride).  Access to ice and storage were simply not easy.

With a goal to support a female entrepreneur, Mrs. Ugbor’s business type, and her location made her the perfect candidate to be selected as a beneficiary of a Phocos FR-B Series DC Chest Refrigerator/Freezer via a forward-thinking program taking place in Nigeria.  She is part of the trial phase, of this UK initiative focused on developing the Sub-Saharan Africa community with technology to have 24/7 reliable and clean power, carried out by local Nigerian companies.  The goal is to prove the concept, bring more opportunities to these communities, and convince legislation decision makers so the future can provide expansion.

Solution/ Results After Installation

VAYA Energy Solutions Ltd is proud to play a valuable role in the Nigeria Intelligent Clean Energy (NICE) initiative.  NICE’s mission is to adopt technology to create local community pilot energy strategies in Abuja, Nigeria.  This initiative is ‘leveraging international partnerships to accelerate low-cost, commercially viable energy solutions.’

With the addition of the efficient FR-B Series DC Chest Refrigerator/Freezer, Mrs. Ugbor can sell cold drinks and water, making her store a focal point within the community.  When the weather is hot, her products are in high demand as much of this community is without access to reliable electricity.  What she sells is unique.   She no longer hassles with buying, transporting, and storing ice on warm days to keep her customers happy.

With this full solar installation, there was enough energy for EWorks Projects Company Ltd (a sister company) to also connect DC LED lighting to the battery to provide illumination in the evening to further help with her business’ success.  After installation, Mrs. Ugbor noted she would pay for solar lighting at her home.  This result is exactly what this program needs, so the local community can buy into this technology affordably with a plan.

“I thank God. I am so happy for what this gift has done for myself and my family.”

–Mrs. Ugbor, Street Vendor and Recipient of Donated FR-B Series

Save Money and Time

60 min/day taxi ride no longer
required to get ice from the store

50% Business Growth

During the hot weather months

Featured Product:


FR-B DC Chest Refrigerator/Freezer with BOOST Feature

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