Project Name: Critical Monitoring - China

Company: Wuxi Yongzheng Energy
Technology Co., Ltd
Location: Wuxi City, China
Project Date: January 2006 (ongoing today)
Main Contact: Mr. Chen Tao, General Manager
Application: Environmental Conditions
Monitoring System
Customer Type: Government
Phocos Product: ECO-N-10-T
Quantity: 23,000+ units

Project Description/ Key Details

  • Project required a custom designed charge controller , along with custom branding , and unique screws for casing
  • Application is monitoring weather conditions, water levels and other environmental conditions
  • The statistic values collected are critical to support forecasts and offer pre-warning of potential problems
  • Extreme weather conditions at installation locations required quality, robust products
  • Feature rich charge controller needed, with reliability as a key factor due to critical application, so choosing the right partner was critical

Solution/ Results

  • Phocos successfully supplied a customized charge controller to fit customer requirements, for ongoing project (23,000+ in field to date, with ongoing orders for a feature rich product with custom faceplate, logo and manual)
  • The Phocos sales and technical team achieved customer goals to create a quality solution for harsh site conditions
  • From initial design to 14+ years in the field, this quality product has proven to be stable
  • Phocos has built a partnership with client, to supply a trusted solution with the ECO-N-T, on a continual basis
  • Strong partnership and communication have allowed Phocos to consistently fulfill volume orders

‘For over a decade, Phocos has provided well designed and reliable production of quality charge controllers to meet our expectations for vital environmental monitoring that prevents harmful damages. With proven results over time, Phocos has earned our continued business .’

— Mr. Chen Tao, General Manager


Ongoing orders since 2006,
proving reliability of
Phocos products over time
in harsh conditions


Units provided to date for
this project

Featured Product:

Charge Controller

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