Project Name: Serviettes Zim Commercial Business Application- Zimbabwe

Company: Installed by Irradiant Energy
Powered by Samansco
Location: Zimbabwe
Project Date: September 2023
Main Contact: Gandah Pride – Operations Director
Application: Commercial business
Customer Type: Serviettes and tissue manufacturing company
Phocos Product: Any-Grid PSW-H Hybrid Inverter
Quantity: 8 units

Conditions/ Challenges Before Installation

Serviettes Zim, a serviettes and tissue manufacturing company located in Zimbabwe, was experiencing continuous unscheduled power cuts during business hours. This created production planning difficulties and resulted in unfulfilled orders, which caused the business a significant loss in revenue. Frustrated with the challenges brought on by the unreliable local utility, the business owner reached out to Irradiant Energy, a trusted and experienced local solar installer and distributor. The business owner’s primary goal was to find an economic solution that would cut production costs by achieving a net-zero electric bill and ensure a reliable continuous supply of power during business hours.

Solution/ Results

Using 8 Phocos 5kw Any-Grid Hybrid Inverters, Irradiant Energy designed a 3-phase system that includes net-metering to aid in achieving a net-zero electric bill, remote monitoring capabilities via the Any-Bridge Remote Monitoring & Control Gateway, which facilitates better and prompt customer service and reduces transport costs by allowing support to be provided remotely, and supports communication with Lithium Ion batteries, which improves the batterie’s lifespan and system reliability.

Thanks to this new solar energy solution, the business owner now enjoys a daily uninterrupted power supply, with power-related downtime due to loadshedding decreasing from over 60% to less than 1%. Production costs have been successfully reduced by achieving a net-zero electric bill and over 2 MWh are being exported into the national grid per month. Most importantly, production now runs smoothly and continuously, making timely order fulfillment possible, and revenue losses have been significantly reduced.

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