Project Name: Turnkey Tourist Smart Building Rest Stop - China

Company: Sichuan LVFA Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Location: 2 Test Locations: Lalai River Dam and Changzheng Forest (China)
Project Date: 2021
Application: Public Use
Customer Type: Government
Phocos Product: Any-Grid PSW-H Hybrid Inverter
Quantity: 1 Unit
LVFA Environmental Technology

Conditions/ Challenges Before Installation

High traffic tourist locations required a more environmentally friendly and modern option for restrooms services and more.  This government project was led by the Urban Management Bureau.  The Deputy General Manager leading this project, from Sichuan LVFA Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., was aware of the challenges and set forth to bring solutions with this recent installation.  He chose the Phocos Hybrid Inverter Charger, due to our track record of stability for continuous operation without problems.

Solution/ Results After Installation

This new, modern smart restroom project was such a popular success it has been featured on live reports from media such as Central China Television (CCTV) to showcase a green and fashionable alternative to save energy compared to existing public restroom options.  These new ‘relaxed post’ turnkey buildings are unique, standalone structures with intelligent voice controls, government terminals, a smart screen façade, indoor and outdoor lighting, lockers, showers, art, and a vending machine to compliment the restroom.  A true modern structure with optimized convenience in high traffic tourist areas.  For electrical needs, when solar panel energy production is not able to meet the demands of the people using the facilities, the Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter Charger is programmed to allow prioritization to automatically switch to the existing municipal power supply.  A true ‘set it and forget it’, opportunity for the organization managing the facility, as it relates to reliable power.

The restrooms themselves are also innovative with forward thinking technology.  They use advanced vacuum suction and foam bacteriostasis technology equipped with an integrated machine for manure disposal.

Currently there are two projects being tested at the Lalai River Dam and Chanzheng Forest in the five-star Jiuzhaigou scenic area, with high praise from tourists after installation this year.  Each facility is designed to service 500 people per day.  Due to this initial success, there are dozens of offers being worked out now for more turnkey restroom installations in other parts of China, using the Phocos Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter Charger.

« We chose Phocos for these smart restroom installations because they build stable products that work continuously for a long time, without problems. » 

–Deputy General Manager,
Sichuan LVFA Environmental Protection Technology

Public ‘smart’ building restrooms designed to service 500 people per day

Featured Product:

Phocos PSW-H-5K230


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