Project Name: RV Recreation Application – New Zealand

Location: New Zealand
Project Date: September 2021
Main Contact: Colin Rolfe
Application: RV/Recreation
Customer Type: End-User
Phocos Product: CR LC Solar Charge Controller
Quantity: 1 Unit

Conditions/ Challenges Before Installation

The recreational vehicle market has been growing for decades.  While many choose to camp with hook-ups, there are also a high volume of RV enthusiasts who like to travel off the beaten path and be self-sufficient with their water and power needs.  Some even choose to live off the grid full time in their RV.  Mr. Rolfe is a shining example of this last group.  Recently, he became the second-hand owner of a 2003 RV.  The vehicle came fitted with a solar system, including an 18-year-old Phocos CR LC solar charge controller. Since he lives in his RV full-time, he relies on solar power to meet his daily energy demands. Meaning, it is vital to have equipment in great working condition. When purchased, the solar system worked as designed. After installing a new battery, settings looked to be mismatched and production was paused. Mr. Rolfe wasn’t given a user manual when he purchased his used RV and didn’t know how to solve the issue.  He decided to contact Phocos for technical support.

Solution/ Results After Installation

Our dedicated support team was eager to assist.  Step one in all technical issues is to help identify the problem, which leads to defining the solution.  For Mr. Rolfe that meant understanding the components in his system, along with defining his specific charge controller model.  His existing Phocos CR LC solar charge controller is a product retired long ago, but with the user manual Phocos provided, Mr. Rolfe was able to identify the specific fault the charge controller was indicating. With Phocos’ support, the troubleshooting process began. After some testing and trial and error, Mr. Rolfe was able to fix the fault issue to get his solar system back in working order.  He is now living sustainably and worry-free, off the grid.

This DIY RV customer was very impressed with the level of support he received from Phocos and with the resilient performance of the CR LC charge controller.  To have a 2-year warranty product, performing at year 18, just as it did the day it was originally installed, is a testament to the engineering standards Phocos has been meeting for over 20 years.  People investing in components for renewable energy, deserve reliability.

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