Project Name: Chegutu Mall – Zimbabwe

Company: Chegutu Mall
Installed by Mwenje Solar
Technology Powered By Samansco
Location: Zimbabwe
Project Date: June 22, 2020
Main Contact: Cynthia Muchibwa, Marketing Exec.
Application: Lighting/Stable Water/Stable Power
Customer Type: Commercial
Phocos Product: Any-Grid PSW-H Hybrid Inverter
Quantity: 3 units
Mwenje - Ultimate Solar Solution Samsansco - Solar Power for Africa

Project Description/ Key Details

  • With load shedding occurring often during certain times of the year, basic daytime and nighttime lighting of the mall for operation, safety and security were important to rectify.
  • A primary goal was to lower the electric utility bill, to improve monthly outgoing costs.
  • Conditions for basic water access and good pressure were not stable, causing problems for day to day operations.

Solution/ Results

  • Due to budget conditions during this first installation, Mwenje Solar Technology purposely designed the Phocos PSW-H Hybrid Inverter Charger into this solar system solution for easy future expansion.
  • Lighting is constant and dependable, with the addition of this new solar system and the Phocos PSW-H.  There is no fear of business interruption any longer.  Downtime is not a frustration for business owners and customers, ensuring there will be no need to have early mall closures at any given time.  More hours with reliable lighting mean more time for the community to shop and for vendors to make sales.  The impact is positive for everyone, especially in the winter months.
  • With the improvement in stable power and lighting, the owner of the mall can now charge premium rates for shop rentals.  This location will be more desirable for shop owners to run their businesses with dependable store hours to better plan business revenue forecasts.
  • Utility costs have been greatly reduced with the addition of this solar system.  This commercial property owner will save 40% each month on lighting costs alone.  Calculations confirm a 6-year payback on investment.
  • Reliable water access is now available at all water access points within the mall, with the addition of the solar system.  The borehole pump is now able to operate with a booster pump which improves water pressure for smooth delivery.  Guaranteed clean water for drinking and for other sanitary uses, improves the customer experience.
  • This installation was so successful, there is not only an opportunity to expand the solar system at this location, but this same solar system solution with the Phocos Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter is also being considered by neighboring businesses around the Chegutu Mall.  Some local commercial businesses are already in contract to follow the lead of this mall’s investment into clean, renewable energy.

„The Phocos Any-Grid Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter performs very well providing reliable and sustainable energy for our customers. It is the right product to meet our customer’s application needs, offering stable power with low maintenance. Phocos has earned our trust and continued business“

–Mrs. Cynthia Muchibwa, Marketing Executive

40% Savings

On electrical lighting expenses

6 Year ROI

The customer will realize a
6-year payback, based on
their total electrical savings

Featured Product:

PSW-H-5K-230 - Hybrid Inverter


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