Project Name: Mika Residential & Small Agricultural Project- Zimbabwe

Company: Installed by Sunchoice Energy
Powered by Samansco
Location: Zimbabwe
Project Date: May, 2021
Main Contact: Milton Chitombo, Technical Director
Application: Residential and Irrigation
Customer Type: End user residence and crop irrigation
Phocos Product: Any-Grid PSW-H Hybrid Inverter
Quantity: Phase 1:  1 Unit

Project Description/ Key Details

This Zimbabwe residence was connected to an unreliable utility grid, so the homeowners (age 70) faced challenges with power interruptions an average of 3 days per week. Their common power loads were indoor lights, outdoor security lighting, a refrigerator and deep freezer, along with water for home use and irrigation.

At one point, the utility transformer was stolen which resulted in no access to electricity for 2 months.  While previous conditions were hard, for 60 days they had no access to power and clean water for domestic use as well as for irrigating their crops.  All perishable food was discarded with no easy solution, as well as common things like security measures, lights and cooking were not readily possible. They would have to prepare meals with fire, and they tried options like candles and paraffin lamps which can result in dangerous house fires.  The fumes caused headaches, itchy eyes and nausea.  Beyond that they had to drive long distances daily in search of clean water resources which was time consuming, tiresome, heavy, and costly for fuel.  Their crop growth for vegetables like onions, carrots and tomatoes, to supply to the local market, was impacted greatly during this time as crops withered and didn’t produce.  In normal conditions they would use approximately 60 liters of water for domestic use.  On top of that, for the farm they would run a 2 HP water pump to irrigate 2 hectares of land, 3 hours a day.  They did their best with logistics but lost 30% of their crops that later had to be replanted.

Solution/ Results

After installation, this couples’ critical loads now run on solar and their dependency on the utility grid has decreased dramatically.  Their previous utility power was costly and unstable.  Sunchoice Energy installed the first phase of this solar system solution with the Phocos Any-Grid PSW-H Hybrid Inverter Charger.   The PSW-H has a built-in high voltage MPPT charge controller, allowing this family to connect more solar panels in the future.  The SBU priority feature made it possible for this couple to prioritize solar energy coming straight from the PV array in the daytime for their crop irrigation needs, without consuming stored energy from their battery bank, that will be used in the evening for other appliances.  This family is expecting a 15% increase in crop yield this year because they have access to reliable power for irrigation when they need it.  With the addition of this solar investment, they also enjoy clean, safe, and reliable lighting and domestic water use. The couple can now purchase and store food without fear of spoilage.

This solution has alleviated the constant frustration with power interruptions and troublesome sourcing for alternatives to satisfy day to day power needs in this home and the couple can now grow their small farming business.  With a 3-year, 4 month return on investment, their decision to invest in their future was a very easy decision to make.  Phase II comes next.

„If you are looking for a solar system for domestic or commercial use, look to no other product but the Phocos Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter. It works smoothly in different environments with great results” 

–Mr. Milton Chitombo, Technical Director

$1,533 Saving/year

In avoided utility costs

3 year, 4 month ROI

Comparing unreliable utility grid with their new solar system’s projected production

Featured Product:

Phocos PSW-H-5K230


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