Pre-Assembled Off-Grid Power Cabinets*

P-Box and E-Box AC series are all-in-one power cabinets that supply AC power from a PV array. This professionally designed, pre-assembled cabinet simplifies purchase decisions and installation (only PV modules and batteries are needed). Sizing and capacity of the control unit, solar charge controllers, inverters, wires, fuses, connections, circuit breakers and enclosure are pre-configured for optimal operation, low maintenance and long life.

*Only available in Phocos Americas markets

Residential Applications

  • Rural Electrification: power appliances, TVs and computers
  • Off-Grid Homes: easy installation and operation

Industrial Applications

  • Telecommunications: pre-engineered for optimal performance
  • Oil & Gas: power AC loads, wireless communications and remote site applications
  • Traffic Signals & Signs: backup to unreliable grid power

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