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Phocos products deliver solutions off-grid, on-grid or anywhere in between.

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Celebrating 20 years!

Two decades of experience as a leading provider of reliable, innovative energy solutions has earned Phocos continuous respect from the solar industry. We have proudly grown from being ‘Your Off-Grid Partner’ to ‘Your Any-Grid Partner’ as we expand our product offering to meet more energy access challenges in the global market today.



Clean, sustainable energy for life on the road, on the water or off the beaten path.


Reliable industrial power for telecom, transportation, oil & gas, SCADA, security, remote monitoring, traffic control and more.

Rural Electrification

High-quality energy for populations without access to reliable grid power.

Solar lighting

Rugged, efficient and dependable solutions with advanced lighting controls.

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Why Clients Love Phocos
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Our Products

Phocos is proud to offer various power solutions for off-grid or Any-Grid™

Phocos Product Charge Controller
Charge Controllers

Phocos offers proven, top quality MPPT and PWM charge controllers.  Our product lines include many models with different features and sizes to fit all global applications.

Any Grid Inverters

Phocos offers both hybrid inverters and standard off-grid inverters  to solve DC to AC conversion challenges for off-grid or unreliable grid conditions.

Phocos Solar Charge Controller
Turnkey Systems

Phocos’ portable, plug and play solar kits are ideal for applications like rural electrification, recreation, and emergency preparedness to name a few.  These kits are complete, safe, and simple to use for small DC applications.

Efficient DC refrigerator/freezers for off-grid applications

Phocos is proud to offer a variety of efficient DC refrigerator/freezers for off-grid applications.  Choose Phocos when efficiency matters because every watt consumed matters.

When Energy is Essential,

Phocos is Your Any Off-Grid Partner


Leading in advanced technologies for clean, reliable and affordable energy.


Optimizing features-to-cost ratio to minimize the total cost of ownership.


Setting industry standards in first-class quality and superior reliability.


Providing power products with the flexibility to build optimal Off-Grid, On-Grid or Any-Grid installations.

Solar Energy Anywhere


Wherever you go or live, Phocos can solve your energy challenges. On-grid, edge-of-grid, or off-grid, our products have proven to be reliable for two decades. Phocos products offer maximum reliability with minimized cost.

Senergy Solutions Anytime


Since our inception in 2000, Phocos has become a trusted global expert in providing innovative energy solutions for all, including: installers, integrators, distributors, retailers, OEM’s, rural, recreation and DIY customers.

Beach house


Whatever your needs are- from reliable rural electrification and outdoor lighting to weather monitoring and telemetry- Phocos has a wide range of proven, innovative hybrid inverters, off-grid inverters, charge controllers, turnkey solutions, and efficient DC refrigerator/freezers.

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