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DC Chest Refrigerator/Freezer with BOOST Feature

The Phocos FR-B Series DC chest refrigerator/freezer with BOOST feature offers the most flexible solution for off-grid and edge-of-grid refrigeration in the market today. The unique BOOST feature provides the ability to choose between best cooling performance and highest efficiency to serve a variety of uses.  In the field, all models can be used with 12 V or 24 V batteries, and can operate as a refrigerator or freezer by simply adjusting the thermostat. 

The FR-B Series has been designed to maximize reliability by utilizing a maintenance-free brushless DC compressor for direct connection to a battery and long-lasting mechanical thermostat. An aluminum inner-lining and drain plug allow for easy clean up. FR-B refrigerator/freezers are also internally protected against low voltage and reverse polarity conditions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Off-Grid refrigerator?

    This refers to a refrigerator that does not need to be directly powered by the public electricity grid. If used with a solar system or DC generator, there is no requirement to have an inverter.

  • What is a Solar Power refrigerator?

    This refers to a refrigerator that is directly powered by solar panels or by a solar system that consists of a battery and PV solar panels. It works on incoming DC power.

  • Do Solar Power refrigerators require an inverter?

    Solar Powered refrigerators do not require an inverter. DC refrigerators can be powered directly by a battery, which is charged during the day by solar PV panels.

  • Do DC refrigerators work?

    Yes. It is critical to research the manufacturer data to select a reliable product for best results. Top quality DC Solar fridges are designed with great energy efficiency and can provide consistent, good cooling with great storage capacity. Often used in remote locations, investing in a quality product will avoid food waste and create hassle free operation. Often these units are very simple and if a fix is required, it is possible on-site with a basic hand tool.

  • Can an AC refrigerator be used in a solar Off-Grid system?

    AC refrigerators can be used in Solar Off-Grid systems if an inverter is present to convert the DC voltage of batteries to AC. This conversion adds energy losses that are not present with DC refrigerators. An efficient DC refrigerator can run without the need of an inverter in a solar power system or when using a DC generator.

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