Phocos is Your Any-Grid™ Partner

that designs and delivers world-class solutions for energy production, storage, and conservation to enable universal access to reliable energy.

Phocos is a proven, global leader that holds itself to the highest standards of engineering and innovation in the solar and energy industries. Driven by our passion for off-grid solutions, Phocos was founded in 2000. We earned our strong reputation with high-quality energy solutions designed to provide reliable energy access for people without grid power. Phocos cares about the individuals and communities our products support because we know when people have access to reliable power, their lives are changed for the better.

We have expanded our off-grid innovation and success to include on-grid and edge-of-grid applications, thus becoming your Any-Grid partner. Our mission is to make reliable energy access possible anywhere in the world, anytime, and for Any-Grid.

Where is Phocos located?

Phocos is a global company with our headquarters located in Germany, supported by three regional offices in the USA, India, and China. Our regional offices provide local sales support, engineering and R&D to service our customers.

Who is Phocos?

Phocos is a world-class manufacturer of electronics for off-grid or edge-of-grid applications. Our product spectrum is wide, ranging from solar charge controllers to inverters to energy efficient DC appliances. Products developed and manufactured by Phocos are eco-friendly, efficient and offer reliable, cost-effective power solutions anywhere, anytime, and for Any-Grid.

What is Phocos’ history?


Ulm, Germany – Phocos is founded


Phocos India Solar Pvt Ltd – new subsidiary (India office opens)


Phocos China – new subsidiary (China office opens in Qingdao)


Phocos Americas – new subsidiary (United States office opens in Tucson, AZ)


The first Phocos CIS charge controller (fully encapsulated IP68) is sold. This innovative charger controller set a new standard for the solar industry and is still a top-selling product today.


Phocos launched the new Any-Grid™ Hybrid Inverter Charger Series (230 and 120 Vac options). The feature rich, flexible product design allows Phocos to provide reliable energy access to off-grid and edge-of-grid markets. Our global reach is strengthened to support customers in ‘Any-Grid’ conditions.

Why Off-Grid?
Why Any-Grid™?

Over 1 billion people around the world do not have access to reliable electricity for basic needs, such as lighting, phones, and refrigeration. Off-grid solar offers an array of solutions to bring light and electricity to these people in even the most remote places on earth. Also, there are many urban applications where solar makes sense economically and logistically to support smart communities, business owners and consumers.

Many people in the world are connected to the utility grid, but their access to power is intermittent. An outage can go on for days or even weeks. At Phocos, we believe energy access should be available under ‘Any-Grid’ conditions whether someone has full or partial access to renewable energy and/or grid power.

What applications work well with Phocos products?


Solar Power International 2020

September 14 - 17, 2020

Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA Booth #: 1682

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Off-Grid Expo and Conference

November 5 - 6, 2020

Messe Augsburg, Bavaria, GermanyBooth #: TBD

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What has Phocos been up to lately?

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Phone +1 520 777-7906

Phocos AG
Ulm Germany
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Phocos India Solar Pvt Ltd.
Puducherry - India
Phone +91 413 2972328

Phocos China Ltd.
Qingdao China
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