PhocosLink mobile

PhocosLink Mobile App

  • Real-time system data on your phone or tablet
  • Animated current power flow
  • Support for Android™ or iOS devices with BLE
  • Solar system parameters can be modified
  • For Phocos Any-Grid Series PSW-H model
PhocosLink Cloud icon

PhocosLink Cloud

  • Access your solar system data from anywhere in the world
  • Graphical representation of all parameters over time
  • Animated current power flow
  • Event recording with timestamps
  • For Phocos Any-Grid™ Series (PSW-H) – the Phocos Any-Bridge™ is required
  • Remote Settings Control
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PhocosLink Desktop Software
PhocosLink Mobile App logo

PhocosLink PC Desktop Software

  • Detailed solar device access with your PC
  • Display data logger information
  • Solar system parameters can be modified
  • For MXI-enabled charge controllers (MXI or MXI-IR required)

Key Features of Phocos Solar Remote Monitoring System

1. Data Monitoring

The system constantly collects and displays time-averaged data, allowing users to monitor their solar systems’ performance and health effortlessly. This includes data on solar power generation, energy consumption, system status, battery SOC, system voltages, and more.

2. Remote Troubleshooting

In case of an issue, the Solar Remote Monitoring System allows remote troubleshooting. Diagnose problems and implement corrective actions remotely, reducing on-site visits and associated costs.

3. Secure and User-Friendly Interface

The monitoring system is designed with security in mind, ensuring your data is protected. Additionally, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners and experienced users to navigate and derive meaningful insights.

Advantages of Solar Remote Monitoring

1. Enhanced Efficiency

By monitoring your solar system’s performance over time, you can optimize its efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of your solar investment.

2. Cost Savings

Proactive monitoring and timely maintenance can significantly reduce operational costs and minimize unexpected expenses related to system failures or inefficiencies.

3. Improved Decision-Making

Accurate and timely data empowers you to make well-informed decisions, leading to better resource allocation, improved system design, and more efficient energy usage.

4. Remote Management

Manage and monitor your solar installations remotely, allowing you to oversee multiple projects or locations without needing constant physical presence.

Realize Savings, Optimize Performance

Discover the power of Phocos Solar Remote Monitoring:

Up to 15% more efficiency by identifying and improving underperforming assets *.

We have what you need to provide reliable energy access at the lowest life-cycle cost.

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