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LFP-Energy Storage System Series

The Phocos Any-CellTM Energy Storage System LFP Series (ESS-L) is a compact, modular LiFePO4 solution offering a safe, environmentally friendly, long cycle-life storage system. Enhanced by an integrated advanced battery management system (BMS), the Any-Cell ESS-L provides seamless integration with other Phocos products. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology is environmentally friendly compared to other traditional storage options, offering longer life span, maintenance-free operation, and overall improved discharge and charge efficiency.  When combining with Phocos Any-Grid hybrid inverters, these important advantages make the Any-Cell ESS-L Series key to offering customers the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of their system.

Compatibility with the Phocos Any-GridTM Hybrid Inverter Charger Series makes the Any-Cell Energy Storage System the perfect fit for a complete, modular power solution that serves a broad spectrum of applications and power requirements. With Any-Cell’s modularity, system design and installation can be customized to scale and grow systems easily as power requirements change over time. When paired with the Phocos Any-BridgeTM AB-PLC Monitoring & Control Gateway, the Any-Cell ESS-L seamlessly integrates with the PhocosLink Cloud Portal enabling remote real-time system monitoring and control from anywhere in the world.

Any-Cell makes energy storage installation quick and easy with integrated handles to support both wall mount and rack mount installations. Designed and tested to meet rigorous international safety and reliability standards, the Any-Cell is supported by a standard 10-year warranty backed by a proven, industry-leading supplier in Phocos. The Any-Cell ESS-L Series represents the latest in Phocos innovation, complementing an existing portfolio of products designed to provide flexible energy access solutions Anywhere, Anytime, Any-Grid.


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