March 22, 2024
Author: Phocos Staff

Congratulations to PALS on 50 Years in Business!

We would like to congratulate PALS S.A. – Power and energy solutions on 50 years in the energy industry and express our gratitude for being a Phocos partner for 18 years. We wish you many more years of success and look forward to our continued partnership.

February 13, 2024
Author: Phocos Staff

Phocos Announces The Any-Cell ESS-L Energy Storage System Is Now Compatible With Select Third-Party Inverters

In our continued commitment to bring you reliable and high quality products, we are re-introducing our energy storage system, the Any-Cell ESS-L.  We’ve taken customer feedback into consideration and have added third party inverter compatibility along with keeping all of the existing features that have made the Any-Cell ESS-L so great. We are excited for

October 17, 2023
Author: Phocos Staff

Remote Communities: How Organizations Around the World Are Bringing Light to Those Who Need It Most

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, you wake up to the smell of freshly cooked breakfast, you walk to your bathroom where you flip a switch to illuminate the reflection of yourself standing in front of the mirror. Taking a deep breath, you look at your reflection and appear healthy, well rested and not to mention well lit. Splashing your face with warm and clean water to wake yourself up, you brush your teeth, reach for a clean towel to dry your face. All these amenities and privileges are so second nature to us that it’s easy to take for granted. Do you consider yourself lucky?

Techinical tools
July 20, 2023
Author: Phocos Staff

Qualifications to Expect From Your OEM Partner

Advanced Technical Development and Support for OEM Partners is a Major Key to Success The term OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, can be used in many ways. For this blog, we’ll agree the company selling the final product with multiple integrated components is the OEM.  Our focus here is highlighting the

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